Breed Heifers – Build Herd

West Ranch is proud to introduce Heifer.PRO

It is well known that the cattle industry is contracting at a historic rate. The industry is currently at levels not seen in 30 years and there is no indication that we are starting to rebuild our cow herd. This is concerning due to the fact that if we continue to decline – the state of our industry could be at stake.

I am making it my personal goal to help the cattle industry by:

  • Making available high quality dependable heifers
  • At a reasonable cost to the producer
  • Timely bred for the majority of cattle herds
  • AND Creating a place for other producers to market their bred heifers.

Breed Them Heifers.

Build our Nations’ Herd.

Thank You For Your Time


Kit West – Heifer.PRO


FREE Advertising

Heifer.PRO is providing space for you to market your BREEDING HEIFER needs at NO cost to you.

Send Your Marketing Information to:


Post your information in the Comments Section of any of the pages on this site.


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