PCC Update

November 7, 2018



Cowboy Logic: “The future ain’t what it used to be.”



Consider the Future –

By Kit Pharo


Have you noticed that the most successful and happy people throughout history have been those who made decisions that were based on the future?   It’s true!   Successful people know that nothing stays the same.   The present is different from the past – and the future will be different from the present.   Those who make decisions that are based on the future will always have a HUGE competitive advantage over those who continue to make decisions based on the past and/or the present.


Unfortunately, nearly all people from all walks of life are afraid to make decisions that are based on anything but the past or the present.   It has always been this way, and it will probably always be this way.   Even though they can see things transforming before their very eyes, they are reluctant to make any changes in what they are doing.   It’s as though they would rather fail doing what they have always done than succeed if success requires change.   That is a shame – but it gives you the opportunity to move yourfamily and your family’s business to a very sought-after position.


Based on what you thinkabout the future, what kind of management decisions should you be making in your cow-calf operation?   I’m not going to tell you what I think.   I want you to do your own thinking.   You may come up with something different and/or better than what I have.   The decisions you come up with, however, need to be based on what you think the future holds.   Be bold in your actions.   Those who are slow to take the appropriate actions may lose all they have – forcing their kids and grandkids to get jobs in town.



Quote Worth Re-Quoting –


“The past cannot be changed.   The future is yet in your power.”   ~ Unknown



Colorado Sale Results –


We had a tremendous turnout for our Colorado Fall Bull Sale.   Check out the pictures on our Facebook page.   The pre-sale meeting with Tim Goodnight had 141 peoplefrom 19 different states in attendance.   There is a tremendous amount of interest in our Grass-Fed BeefAlliance.



We served lunch to 240 people.   We had 100 registered bidders at the sale – from 19 different states.   There were 174 people using our Stay-At-Home options – from 31 different states, as well as Canada and Australia.


We sold 264 bulls in two hours and 45 minutes for an average price of $5758 – with a range of $2750 to $14,000.   These bulls were sold into 28 different states, as well as Canada and Australia.   As you can see, we had NOfunny-money bulls to artificially inflate our sale average.


A whopping 51% of the bulls were purchased through one of our three Stay-At-Home options.   We make it easy for our customers to purchase bulls this way.


Top Five States…


  • Kansas             38 bulls
  • Oklahoma        35 bulls
  • Texas               30 bulls
  • Colorado         25 bulls
  • Nebraska         20 bulls


Four bulls will be headed to Canada.   One bull was purchased by Pharo Cattle of Australia.   This bull will be collected in Colorado for semen export.   His sons will sell at Furracabad Station in New South Wales in a few years.


Worldwide demand for our Solar Bulls is increasing rapidly.   Profit-minded cow-calf producers have concluded that the future belongs to those who are able to successfully transition to an ultra-low-input (high-profit) program with efficient, low-maintenance cows.



Shared Emails –


Mr. Pharo,


I want to compliment you on the best bull sale I have ever attended.


Sage Askin – Wyoming


I just wanted to thank Tyson and PCC staff for helping me with my quick sort.


We got our bull home yesterday.  He calmly walked into the trailer when we picked him up.  He walked off the same way when we got home after another 2.5 hour ride.  I’m very impressed with his 4-star disposition.  I can’t imagine what a 5-star bull would be like.


I’m very pleased with the whole experience.


Jake May – Minnesota


Hello Kit, I’m glad to hear the sale went so well!  I thought the high percent of stay-at-home buyers was interesting.  I liken that to my own experience…..  Due to how your bulls have worked for us, I have confidence in your data and feel very comfortable making my selections and purchases from home in the future.


The bulls, we purchased last spring are doing very well for us.  I’m glad our paths have crossed.   Please include me in the PCC discussion group.


Yates Adcock – Oklahoma


Dear Kit,


Thank you for a great sale.  The bulls just keep getting better and better!  Thank you so much for a delicious lunch as well.  It was so good visit with the other buyers and find out what they are doing.


Thank you again for the credit on our injured bull.  We will definitely be attending your Spring Sale and possibly your 2019 Fall Sale as well.


So where are we at?  Our older cows are out of Knickerbocker, a tremendous bull you sold us many years ago.  We have a few cows out of Shipshape, Undertake and Tazer.  Most of our cows are 4 frame size, with a few 3s.


Am enclosing a picture of one of our grass-fed steers at 18 months of age.  When we brought him to the packing plant at 20 months of age, he weighed 1160# live weight and graded choice.  We suffered from drought this year, where he is standing was our “lushest” pasture.  He did very well considering what he had to eat.  He is out of Tazer and one of our Knickerbocker cows.


Deb Yirku – Colorado



Results for Both Fall Sales –


We sold 381 low-maintenance, grass-developed PCC Solar Bulls in our two fall bull sales for an average price of $5508.   It has been a long two weeks for everyone at PCC Headquarters.   We feel as though we have been running a marathon.   We hope to share more sale information in next week’s PCC Update.



Quote Worth Re-Quoting –


“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”   ~ Frederick Douglass



PBR Finals –

By Kit Pharo


For the past several years, the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Finals are going on just ahead of our fall bull sale in Colorado.   The last go-around is usually on Sunday, when we have our pre-sale meeting.   I usually have to record it for later viewing.


This year, fortunately, the PBR finals don’t start until November 7th – tonight.   The finals take place in Las Vegas.   Deanna and I have tickets for the final three rounds – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.   I’m excited!   Seven of the top ten bull riders are from Brazil.   They are making the American cowboys hustle to keep up.   The last three PBR World Champions were Americans – but four out of the last eight were Brazilians.   There are so many points at the finals that anything could happen.   It’s not over until it’s over!


We will be watching the first two rounds on Dish channel 158.



Big Bucks –

By Kit Pharo


Tyson and Becky stayed home from the Nebraska Bull Sale to hunt deer.   Becky shot a nice buck in one of our pastures just before sundown last Friday.   Since it was almost dark, I volunteered to help them field dress the animal.   When we were finished, I took a chunk of liver home for supper.   Six-year-old Braylee decided to go home with Papa to sample the liver.   Fresh liver that is sliced thin and fried in bacon grease is very hard to beat.   I had fresh liver for breakfast the next morning too.



When Becky shot her buck… Tyson got a glimpse of an even bigger buck.   With the Colorado Bull Sale, he did not have an opportunity to look for him until yesterday afternoon.   Tyson spotted him in a different area of the same pasture.   After walking ¾ of a mile in a dry creek bottom, Tyson got within 350 yards.   This was a very old buck with very thick and impressive antlers.   I’m gonna have fresh liver for supper and breakfast again.





Three Spring Bull Sales –


Our Texas Bull Sale is scheduled for April 1st in the town of West, Texas.   Our Missouri Bull Sale is scheduled for April 4th in Springfield, Missouri – and our 29th Annual Colorado Bull Sale is scheduled for April 15th in Burlingto,


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