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Due to the increasing prices of beef cattle now and predicted for the foreseeable future, there appears to be a very real opportunity to capture value for replacement heifer calves and bred heifers. This joint venture between the University of Wyoming’s Department of Animal Science and the Wyoming Business Council’s Agribusiness Division is designed with the sole intent of creating an expanded marketing opportunity for commercial heifers, both replacement and bred. Our contention is that bred heifers and heifer calves will bring a premium in the market place. The program, cattle listings, and special sales will be promoted and marketed through industry publications and convention trade shows across the country. The program’s intent is to create a venue where heifers that are developed and bred according to the guidelines set forth will provide valuable information to buyers and should receive a premium in the market place.

A heifer development and marketing program endorsed by the Mississippi Beef Cattle Improvement Association and facilitated through the Mississippi State University Extension Service is available. The program focuses on educating beef cattle producers on proper management of replacement heifers.

 “The Show Me Select Replacement Heifer Program is focused entirely on Missouri’s farmers and is dependent upon active participation from regional extension livestock specialists and local veterinarians, each of which are critical components of the agricultural sector of this state.

This program is unique in that it is first and foremost, an educational program targeted at improving production efficiency through increased use of existing technology, coupled with the marketing component.”

H&F Red Angus Cattle Genetics & Bred Heifers

Alabama Beef Heifer Development Program

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