West Ranch Heifer Solutions

When creating a Replacement Heifer Development Plan – Take Into Consideration

  • How many cows must be taken out of production in order to make both financial & pasture/grass room.
  • For each heifer you ATTEMPT to development you must be prepared to take 1 (One) fully producing cow out of production for 1 (One) year. On Your Ranch.


  • It will take you one year to develop that heifer to where she will become part of the herd and start producing income.
  • For every 10 heifers you develop there will be 25% of them that will not make the cut to become an income producing Cow.


Keep All your income producing livestock in production to maintain your cash flow demands – then outsource your Heifer Development Program by:

Purchasing High Quality Bred Replacement Heifers


Develop Your Own Heifers Under Our Program –

Replacement Heifer Solutions

Phase 1 – Your Weaned heifers delivered to our Growing Facility January 1st. where they will undergo the following –

  • Calf-hood Vaccinations/Boosters are administered along with  Color & Number Coded Ear Tagged.
  • Blood Drawn for BVD/PI Testing
  • DNA Sample taken For Testing of Genetic Traits to make sure your cattle will exceed in your program
  • All livestock that do not make this initial cut can be
    • Spayed & Sold – and/or – Fed as grass stockers or feeder calves.

At the growing facility the Heifers will be fed slow grow ration of corn silage and hay. They will gain 1.3 to 1.5 pounds per day.

Depending on size and maturity – The Heifers will be ready to breed 45 days after they arrive at the facility.

30 days prior to breeding the Heifers will be placed on MGA (for 24 days) which is used to synchronize their heats in order to bred them to have them calve in a close timely manor.

Breeding Time – Heifers will be heat detected – both by the patch and standing heat.

Breeding AI Specifications –

  • Heifers will be AI bred to your choice of bull.
  • We have a large selection of  Bull Semen through Genex

At this time – You the producer will have 2 options.

  1. Take delivery of all of your livestock within 24 hours of being bred
  2. Leave the heifers in our grow lot for another 4 (Four) weeks to ensure that there will be no issues with the fetus becoming disconnected and pregnancy is aborted.
  3. At 4 (Four) Weeks after AI – Preg Check By Blood Test. All Pregnant Heifers will be ready for delivery to your ranch.
  4. – OR – Continuing to Phase 2 where the heifers will be immediately transported to grass pastures to be placed with a cleanup bulls and remain there for the next 5 months.

Cost for the 1st Phase – $350.00

  • Expected AI Pregnancy Rate – 60%
  • At Initial $900 Delivered Weaned Heifer Costs
  • Each Bred Heifer Would Cost $2000
  • Costs can be reduced by Applying any of these options to the opens
  1. All opens could be moved to grass, re-bred with cleanup bull.
  2. Sold as exposed heifers 45 Days later
  3. Kept till fall, preg checked – bred heifers sold as bred or placed back into the herd – Opens sold as 950 lb feeders
  4. Sold as feeder heifers @ 775 lbs in May-June

Phase 2 – After Breeding – Within 24 hours – all heifers will be transported to grass pastures.

  • AT YOUR REQUEST – Low birth weight clean-up bulls can be placed with the heifers at any time.
  • Clean-up bulls will be low birth weight – Easy Calving red and/or black Angus.
  • There are a couple solutions you may want to consider:
  1. Immediately placing the bulls with the heifers for 30 days –  will give you about a 45 day calving period.
  2. Delay placing the cover bulls by 30 days – After Preg Checking – Will create 2 distinguishable calving periods. The AI set will calve in around 14 days and the bull bred set will calve 30 days later for 30 days.
  • Heifers will be placed on a complete mineral program that will include all trace minerals plus salt.
  • Heifers will be check & treated weekly for signs of stress brought on by health issues.

Cost for the 2nd Phase – $200.00

Total Cost for the program – $550.00 per heifer

  • Guaranteed Pregnancy Rate – 85%
  • At Initial $900 Delivered Weaned Heifer Costs
  • Each Bred Heifer Would Cost $1700 (-Death Loss)
  • Costs will be reduced by selling the opens/culls as high quality feeder heifers.


For any pregnancy that are under the 85%  Preg Percentage –

  • The $550 development fee will be waived
  • Any Death Loss over 2.5% – The producer will be reimbursed the initial cost of the heifer (Market Price at January 1st of that year) + (plus) the development fee.

For More Information, Contracts, Availability, Free Cost/Cash Flow Analysis

  • Contact Me – Kit West 307.331.0357
  • Email – RanchHeifers
  • A $300 Initial Deposit is required for each Heifer Enrolled in the program.

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